Courts and Ball Assignments

PJ’s has been reserved for the Awards Ceremony Thursday evening 5:00pm.  Courts and Ball Assignments follow. Final play 3Q13. Starbucks at 6:00 am, Practice 6:15 and Play to begin promptly at 6:30 am.  Good luck to all.


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Elder’s Line-up Final Match 3Q13


Here you go folks; don’t forget this is for all the Marbles to be presented at PJ Skidoo’s on Thursday the 26th at 5:00 pm with the ceremony hosted once again by the Spencinator! Note the responsibility for courts (green highlight) and “Balls” as indicated.



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Elders 3Q13

Here’s the latest and the potential line-up for next week.


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Elder’s 3Q13 Week 2 N=20

And off we go to week 2 on Monday, Sept 16th.  Persons shown in green are responsible for courts and for balls.



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Elder’s Ladder Week 1

Way to go folks; Elder was unable to thank you personally because of other pressing commitments to Norther Virginia’s biggest Developer.  It was a great opening for the abbreviated 3Q13 Elders and Elder seeks comments left on the site…open to all registered users.  Please note the Amster’s Avatar when you get a chance. Click on Eric Amster

If you are unable to play next week, please let me know via comments to the web site.  If you have not played before and wish to play next Monday please let me know via email.
Andrew…where are you??elders_3Q_1_ladder


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3Q13 Elder’s Kickoff and Sponsor Venue

Wow…Elder’s kickoff at 6:00 am tomorrow. Customary Starbucks available at 6:00; practice to begin at 6:15; play to begin at 6:30am and continue till 8:00 am. See Court assignments and foursomes below (exception Paul and Andrew playing singles starting whenever).

Our leading sponsor, Northern Virginia’s “biggest” Developer is hosting a get-together/ open house in his office Suite 200, 115 Park Street, Vienna for the U.S. Open finals to begin at 5:00 pm.


Viewing will be on Developer’s (aka Ray) big, big screen TV located in his conference room. Snacks, hors d’oeuvres and takeout sandwiches and pizza available at Whole Foods next to Ray’s office. Elders’ players are invited, one and all!


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Rules – Elder’s Abbreviated 3Q13 EMU League

  1. To Qualify for 3Q13 Traveling Trophy players must play all three weeks (Mondays or Tuesdays – 6:30-8:00)
  2. Schedule will be provided by Thursday of the preceding week.
  3. Registered players should not sign up for courts until weekly Elder’s is completed (hopefully on Monday)
  4. Number 1 Player in each foursome is responsible for obtaining court (6:00-8:00) on Monday and a member of that group will be identified to supply new balls (first week, No 1 Player).
  5. Threesomes for whatever reason play Canadian – three sets; twosomes play singles
  6. Scores to be reported to Elder within 24 hours of match play.
  7. Schedule for first week (9 Sept) schedule shown below.


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My Apologies to New Users

Elder profoundly apologizes for the oversight pointed out by the “Spencinator”. Elder in his failing resources removed the User Entry portion of the site where you who have received User’s ID and Password can now log-in.


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Sampson the Great

If you have a large fenced in back yard why not consider my current friend Sampson the Great as a new Pal. Check him out at


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Last Call

Scheduled weeks to play Sept 9, 16, 23.  Monday and Tuesday preferably Monday.  Foursomes will be notified on Friday preceding and one person of the foursome will have the responsibility for getting a court and providing balls. All communication will be through the Elder’s at

If you have not registered with the Elder’s to date and you want to play please register at  Cap First  and Last initials followed by 12345 then register at the Elder’s.

If you want me to do it for you, please email me or on the site and I will do it for you.  Let me know by Friday of this coming week.


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