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Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in December of 2012 with a PSA of 26 (acceptable=<4.0)
A Description of the Events following that Diagnosis.

Prostate Cancer – Phase I

Phase I for the Elder’s Cancer Treatment consisted of three CyberknifeTreatments (40 minutes) over three weeks and twenty five conventional radiation  treatments (12 minute) over five weeks.  Besides receiving the certificate shown here, what’s next? Nurse Thomas told the Elder that he … Continue reading

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Undergraduate Graduation

Upon completion of the last treatment, Marlene and I celebrated by taking the bus crosstown and the metro to the Newseum. The Newseum is currently featuring the Kennedy Camelot years.  And, while most of our readers are probably too young … Continue reading

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Graduation 8/5/2013

Marlene and I are at Georgetown Medstar Hospital ready for Treatment 25 of 25. But wait, Tiffany just told us that the Trillogy machine is down and we would know soon how long to wait. Good news first patient just called … Continue reading

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Commencement – Aug 5, 2013

OK… Treatment 25 is tomorrow and Marlene is going to join me.  Elder has invited friends and relatives but most have declined for reasons the Elder does not understand. Since this is the last day, Elder has prepared a movie … Continue reading

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Graduation – 8/5/2013

Elder sent some questions to Nurse Tom today: Do we need to wear something special to graduation on Monday and  can we invite my friends and relatives? On a more serious note, how do we find out the medical costs … Continue reading

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Treatment Schedule – Final Week

Completed Treatment No. 21 of 25 this morning? Tuesdays are Dr. Collins and Nurse Thomas’ day and while they continue to question me regarding side effects, we have to answer each question in the negative. The experience at Georgetown Medstar … Continue reading