Rules – Elder’s Abbreviated 3Q13 EMU League

  1. To Qualify for 3Q13 Traveling Trophy players must play all three weeks (Mondays or Tuesdays – 6:30-8:00)
  2. Schedule will be provided by Thursday of the preceding week.
  3. Registered players should not sign up for courts until weekly Elder’s is completed (hopefully on Monday)
  4. Number 1 Player in each foursome is responsible for obtaining court (6:00-8:00) on Monday and a member of that group will be identified to supply new balls (first week, No 1 Player).
  5. Threesomes for whatever reason play Canadian – three sets; twosomes play singles
  6. Scores to be reported to Elder within 24 hours of match play.
  7. Schedule for first week (9 Sept) schedule shown below.