Elder’s Line-up Final Match 3Q13


Here you go folks; don’t forget this is for all the Marbles to be presented at PJ Skidoo’s on Thursday the 26th at 5:00 pm with the ceremony hosted once again by the Spencinator! Note the responsibility for courts (green highlight) and “Balls” as indicated.



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Mike is currently retired with his wife Marlene in Northern Virginia. He is actively playing Early Morning Unlimited (EMU) tennis at the Fairfax Racquet Club. He supports Marlene who is President of the Humane Society of Fairfax County through development and maintenance of the Societies Web site at HSFC.org. For a comprehensive biography may we refer you to the BIO page.
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3 Responses to Elder’s Line-up Final Match 3Q13

  1. Avatar of Ray Schupp Ray Schupp says:

    Due to popular demand I’ll be playing in the final session of the Elder invitational on Monday.

  2. Avatar of Mike Wander Mike Wander says:

    Pppppplease…..can I play with Ray!!!?

  3. Avatar of Ray Schupp Ray Schupp says:

    NO! I’ll be at the bottom where we should all start – it’s the AMERICAN WAY!

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