Elder’s Ladder Week 1

Way to go folks; Elder was unable to thank you personally because of other pressing commitments to Norther Virginia’s biggest Developer.  It was a great opening for the abbreviated 3Q13 Elders and Elder seeks comments left on the site…open to all registered users.  Please note the Amster’s Avatar when you get a chance. Click on Eric Amster

If you are unable to play next week, please let me know via comments to the web site.  If you have not played before and wish to play next Monday please let me know via email.
Andrew…where are you??elders_3Q_1_ladder


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About Mike Hammer

Mike is currently retired with his wife Marlene in Northern Virginia. He is actively playing Early Morning Unlimited (EMU) tennis at the Fairfax Racquet Club. He supports Marlene who is President of the Humane Society of Fairfax County through development and maintenance of the Societies Web site at HSFC.org. For a comprehensive biography may we refer you to the BIO page.
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4 Responses to Elder’s Ladder Week 1

  1. Avatar of Eric Amster Eric Amster says:

    What? There must be something wrong with the formulas in the spreadsheet. How is Lobrigo in last place!!!!!

    Mike, has Coopers and Lybrand reviewed the results.

  2. Avatar of Eric Amster Eric Amster says:

    BTW. My avatar is what I see when I look in the mirror. Future Avatars could be even more revealing.

  3. Avatar of Mike Hammer Mike Hammer says:

    Elder uses principals from Touch Ross Bailey and Smart for purposes of authentication on each round of scoring. Elder can only calculate positions based upon those scores submitted by players.

  4. Avatar of Ray Schupp Ray Schupp says:

    Thanks for your quick update. Reviewing the results, it seems to fall about as I expected with several notable exceptions. I expected Boy Wander to be near the top – typical jock, low IQ, therefore great ability to concentrate on insignificant details such as the flight of a little yellow ball. With regard to Rodrigo, I never realized he was so smart.

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