Chapter 11 Reorganization

The Elder’s Invitational Tournament has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and will be re-organizing primarily due to the absence of financial support from Schupp Companies and Park Street Development headed up by NVBD (Northern Virginia’s Biggest Developer).

Elder is taking off the first week in October to reorganize the event in order to reestablish the excitement and values associated with the original tournament.  Elder is appreciative of the many suggestions received during the 3Q13 event and will judge each in his usual bipartisan style.

Yes, this means no scheduled play on Monday September 30 and return to an even more exciting affair on October 7.  Please stay tuned for the results of the third quarter.

Please respond to Elder by Wednesday October 2 if you are interested in participating in the New Elder’s 4Q13 gala. Awards to be announced during the year end celebration at PJ’s scheduled for December 26 with live entertainment to be provided by the Elder’s Swing Band featuring EMU artists and a guest appearance by NVBD.


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Mike is currently retired with his wife Marlene in Northern Virginia. He is actively playing Early Morning Unlimited (EMU) tennis at the Fairfax Racquet Club. He supports Marlene who is President of the Humane Society of Fairfax County through development and maintenance of the Societies Web site at For a comprehensive biography may we refer you to the BIO page.
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