Prostate Cancer – Phase I

Phase I for the Elder’s Cancer Treatment consisted of threegrad_certificate CyberknifeTreatments (40 minutes) over three weeks and twenty five conventional radiation  treatments (12 minute) over five weeks.  Besides receiving the certificate shown here, what’s next?

Nurse Thomas told the Elder that he no longer had to observe the no alcohol, no caffeine, low fiber diet.  While the Elder observed the low fiber portion of the diet, he did cheat a little bit with the caffeine and alcohol, well maybe a “lotta” bit.

Nurse Thomas also scheduled a follow-up interview by phone a week later and has scheduled the next big test in a month (Sept 5, 2013).  That will be the first of quarterly follow-ups to meet with the Dr. and through a DRE and a PSA test determine how things are going.

In terms of side effects, most have subsided, however the hormone treatments continue my movement towards the other sex including hot flashes and a reduced libido, if that’s the proper term.


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